On the eve of Language Day, First Security Islami Bank Ltd. unwrapped a book- Byboharik Banking Shabdokosh (Practical Banking Dictionary). Syed Waseque Md Ali, Managing Director of the Bank unwrapped the books. Among others, Abdul Aziz and Md. Mustafa Khair, Additional Managing Director(s), Md. Zahurul Haque and Md. Masudur Rahman Shah, Deputy Managing Director(s), A. K. M. Amjad Hussain, Principal, Training Institute, Maulana M. Shamaun Ali, Member Secretary, Shariah Council along with other high officials were present on the occasion. A Doa Mahfil was organized in this regard. The book will not only help bankers in providing modern, innovative and creative banking services to their workplaces and customers, but will also be instrumental in imparting knowledge to the students studying banking. The book covers a wide range of traditional banking as well as various terms of Islamic banking. As a result, this dictionary written in mother tongue will be very useful for any competitive exam on banking, promotion in professional life and success in banking diploma exam.

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day and 50th Anniversary of Independence and Mujib Centenary, this year the Bank is going to publish the book ‘Byboharik Banking Shabdokosh’ (Practical Banking Dictionary) in a more comprehensive and refined form.