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Payment System2021-03-21T08:12:50+06:00


*Advantages of RTGS:2021-03-21T06:51:23+06:00
  • RTGS is a new introduction of digital era in Bangladesh.
  • RTGS will give you security for your immediate transaction and it will save your valuable time, labor and money.
  • Clients get their money within short time, so that they can instantly fulfill their emergency needs.
  • Fund transfer facilities from bank to bank (1,00,000 BDT. or above transaction will charge only 100 BDT.)
  • RTGS is much secured for large amount of money transaction which also reduces the risk of large amount money carrying.
  • It is a cheuqeless transaction, so therefore material alteration risk is no more for money appropriation.
  • Because of system automation, it is much secure, easy and prompt.
  • Fund transfer facilities from to Bank to Bank. You can send money to branches in everywhere in Bangladesh.
  • Fund flow management is quick.
  • Working capital cycle also quick.
  • Transaction is possible within 30 minutes.
  • Due to technical difficulties customers will receive about RTGS transaction cancellation message within 30 minutes.
*Money transfer system of RTGS:2021-03-21T06:50:54+06:00
  • Customers must need to fill up a respective bank form for RTGS transaction. The transaction money should be 1,00,000.00 BDT or above any other amount.
  • After getting the customers instruction, bank quickly debit the customer account and transfer the money to receiver.
  • After that receiving bank credit this amount money within 30 minutes when receiving bank found a confirmative message from Bangladesh Bank.
  • If any customer wants to do RTGS transaction he/she should have a bank account along with KYC and Transaction Profile which should be updated. The account also need correct address and valid mobile number.
*What can we do through RTGS?2021-03-21T06:50:29+06:00
  • You can transfer 100000. 00 BDT or above from one bank account to another bank account instantly through by submitting a bank form.
  • Interbank or call money transaction can be ensured by RTGS.
  • Government securities transaction can be ensured by RTGS.
  • The money of local L/C can transfer from one bank to another bank.
  • Customs duty ASYCUDA (Automated System for Customs Data) can collect through RTGS.
  • Fixed deposit money is also transferable.


*The following facilities are found to do BEFTN2021-03-21T07:18:16+06:00
  1. Without any charge bank to bank fund transfer.
  2. No chance to material alteration because of there is no cheque.
  3. Because of automated it is safe.
  4. Benefit of transferring fund to bank branches in any part of the country
  5. Cash flow management is swift.
  6. Working capital is fast
  7. Any amount can transfer through BEFTN
  8. The transaction can complete within 24 hours.
  9. If any BEFTN transaction  cannot accomplish correctly/ properly than it inform to customer within 48 hours
*The following activities can be done through BEFTN:2021-03-21T07:17:18+06:00
  1. Foreign remittance money can be quickly and safely credited to all types customer account
  2. Any amount of money can be transferred from one bank account any other bank account.
  3. Refund warrant /dividend warrant / a sell of the legal company share can be credited and transferred.
  4. Payment of installment and insurance premium of different bank or financial institution can be paid at any time.
  5. The credit card payment of all banks can be repaid at any time.
  6. Local L.C money can be transferred from one bank to another bank.
  7. The profit of savings certificate can be transferred to the account
  8. The salary, welfare fund and retirement pension of the official institution  can be paid through BEFTN
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