What is Tasdir?

  • Ship now, let your buyers pay later – no LC, no down-payment.
  • But you get paid at sight by First Security Islami Bank PLC.
  • Exporters who work with Tasdir can get bigger orders at better margins.

What does Tasdir do for me?

  • FSIBL’s new Tasdir product allows you to offer sale contract and deferred payment to your customer.
  • No LC, no downpayment.
  • FSIBL will provide back-to-back, provided your domestic credit supports.
  • FSIBL will credit your account with the invoice payment when you ship.
  • FSIBL (through its partner PrimaDollar) will collect later on the invoice due date, and take the risk of buyer fraud and default.

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How do I get Tasdir???

Get Tasdir at: fsibl@primadollar.com
call 01785089353 or from First Security Islami Bank PLC.

Tasdir is available directly through AD Branches of FSIBL: Gulshan, Banani, Mohakhali, Dilkusha, Agrabad.

Why does Tasdir generate bigger orders at better margins???

Because buyers like to get credit from their suppliers:
The buyer gets positive cash flow (they sell the goods before they pay for them). The more they buy, the more cash flow they generate.
It improves their share price (as operating cash flow is stronger).
Banking lines are released and not tied up in issuing LCs or funding the supply chain
They have lower costs and less hassle
AND: exporters who offer credit:
Can get bigger orders, which improves unit cost economics.
Negotiate on payment terms, not just on quality and price.
Demonstrate faith in the product by shipping first and being paid later
Demonstrate financial strength to the customer?

Move your existing buyers on to Tasdir today. This will lead to bigger orders and better margins. Offer your new business through Tasdir, and you will win more customers.