FSIB Mudarabah Salary Saving Account (Prapti) is for those whose monthly salary is BDT 5000 or above. It’s an account styled to provide you the best profit rate at a low balance requirement—making it the classic choice for you.
Key Features:
Documents needed for opening account:
  1. Two copies passport size photograph of the student (photograph must be attested by the Introducer).
  2. One copy passport size photograph of the nominee (photograph to be attested by the applicant).
  3. Photocopies of National ID Card/Passport/Driving License of both applicant and nominee.
  4. TIN Certificate (If applicable).
  5. Copy of recent utility bill (Gas, Electricity, Wasa, Telephone) as a proof of mailing address.
  6. Official valid Identity Card.
  7. Forwarding from the respective organization/company for opening the account(s).
  • The organization needs to have a minimum of 10 employees and a payout of TK 100,000/- (One Lac Taka) only per month and an average salary per employee of TK 10,000/- per month.
  • Minimum Age: 18 years.
  • Citizen of Bangladesh.
For details, please visit your nearest branch of FSIB.

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