The Bhaluka Branch, Mymensingh, of FIRST SECURITY ISLAMI BANK LTD’S starts its operation on 05thSeptember, 2011. Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria, Managing Director, First Security Islami Bank opened the Branch.Among others Mr. S.A.M. Salimullah, Head of Investment Administration Division, Mr. Abdul Aziz, Manager, Dilkusha Branch, Mr. Kazi Md. Amanullah, Head of General Services Division, Mr. Mohsen Uddin Ahmed, Head of Investment Monitoring & Recovery Division, Mr. Md. Zahurul Haque, Head of Investment Division, Mr. Taher Ahmed Chowdhury, Head of Information Technology Division,  Mr. Azam Khan, Head of Marketing & Development Division, Mr. Md. Kazim Uddin Ahammed Dhonu Mia, Haji Abdus Salam, Chairman, Multajim Limited,  Mr. Chowdhury Mohammad Hanif, Chairman, BSB Spining Mills Limited,  Branch Manager and Local Elites were also present on the occasion. A Doa Mehfil was also organized on the occasion.